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AC:3DS Speculations and Ideas (Swimming)

So while we “patiently” wait for the release date to the new AC game for the Nintendo 3DS to be announced I figured I’d talk about some of the features I think will be added to this game and some other ideas of my own that I think would be a good addition to the game.
Swimming: Let me begin with the new ability to swim in this game! I’ve noticed that in every picture and video I see of the players swimming they’re always wearing shorts. Maybe the players can only swim when they put on some swim trunks or when they take off their shoes. I hope this isn’t the case as I would like to just be able to jump in the water whenever I feel like.
Wouldn’t it also be amazing if we could have a whole place to explore underwater once we dive? A place to look for collectibles or maybe to just see what type of fish are in season.

I know most of you have already seen this but I still need to post this for those who haven’t. 
This is the Animal Crossing’s developers discussing the new features for the new AC game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS. 

Animal Crosser’s Start

Hello Readers! I’ve been wanting to do an Animal Crossing Blog for a while now and I just finally decided to create one!
I’m not sure what I will be focusing on but I’ve been posting a lot of art work from other fans of the games lately so that’s a start.
I Will most likely talk about speculations and ideas for the new AC game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS. I will also be posting new AC:3DS news as it comes out to keep you guys informed. :) Aren’t I just the nicest?
Oh, and I doubt I’ll be posting anything from my own AC games with the possible exception of my City Folk character because he looks bad ass!!
Hope you guys enjoy.